We Don’t Owe Any Of Them A Job For Life

Perhaps our city’s biggest problem is that we have been ruled by a professional political class for generations.  It is not surprising that they don’t seem to know how to create jobs.  Businesses create jobs – not politicians.  Look at City Council.  How many have worked any substantial period of time in the private sector?  How many have ever created a job?  City Council is not the place for lifetime appointments.  We need people who are citizens, not professional politicians.  People who view political office as public service, not a means to earn a living for a career.

When professional politicians run City Council, getting reelected is paramount.  They will vote for whatever continues their six-figure paycheck for another term, not what is in the best interest of the city.  Isn’t that obvious?

Incumbents have tremendous advantages over challengers in getting reelected.  In addition to the opportunities to grab the media spotlight, they can leverage their staff and the powers of their office to attain reelection time and time again, almost regardless of the job that they do.  Doesn’t it seem that the only way that we get rid of City Council members is when they die, are arrested or resign to run for another office – and they tried to change that rule in the last election.  You don’t see them retire very often and even less often they lose a reelection bid.  We need the fights to be fair.  We need to be governed by citizens, not professional politicians.  We need term limits.

Republican City Council Candidate Wolfe Means It!

In addition to being in favor of term limits for City Council members and other city elected officials and will vote for such a charter change, he will practice what he preaches.  IF ELECTED, HE WILL SERVE OUT HIS TERM AND NOT SEEK REELECTION.

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