Federal law needs to be respected, especially here in Philadelphia. Under our current administration, the City of Philadelphia refuses to honor ICE detainer orders when Philly police apprehend an illegal immigrant. THIS POLICY NEEDS TO CHANGE!


Illegal immigrants will act rationally. If they know Philadelphia will not turn them over to the federal government, then they will come to our city seeking refuge. This places an increased burden on the taxpayers for public services and public safety.


As many of you have likely seen, as a result of Mayor Kenney’s sanctuary city policy, a young child was sexually assaulted by a man who the city released despite ICE’s request that he be detained. HAD IT NOT BEEN FOR THIS POLICY, THIS CHILD WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ASSAULTED. Even one crime committed by someone not here legally is too man. And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


I’m all for LEGAL immigration. My grandfather immigrated from Greece and some of the proudest Americans I know immigrated here and became a citizen, the proper way. This policy is most unfair to those immigrants who followed the rules and came here legally.


If elected to City Council, I will bring the fight to end Philly’s sanctuary city status right to Mayor Kenney’s office!