Council at Large Candidate Matt Wolfe Calls for Krasner to Fire Spokesperson after Racist Tweet

Council at Large Candidate Matt Wolfe Calls for Krasner to Fire Spokesperson after Racist Tweet

Philadelphia, PA – Republican City Council at Large candidate Matt Wolfe demanded that Philly DA Larry Krasner fire his Communications Director Jane Roh after her racist tweet.

“Larry Krasner needs to fire his Communications Director, Jane Roh. She discounted these protestors’ opinions simply because of their race,” said Wolfe.  “This is the very definition of racism and has no place in Philadelphia’s government.”

Jane Roh posted a picture of a protest by supporters of murdered police officer Danny Faulkner outside of Krasner’s office and tweeted “There’s something about this picture, can’t qwhite put my finger on it.”  She later deleted the tweet, an action that Wolfe characterized as “cowardly.”  She later questioned whether the white supporters of Officer Faulkner might end up at Denny’s after the protest, either because of allegations of racism at the restaurant chain or because she perceives it as a low-end establishment catering to white “deplorables.”

“If a member of Krasner’s staff made public statements disparaging a group of African Americans simply because of their race, does anyone seriously doubt that they would be fired in an instant,” said Wolfe.  “Why is there a double standard with this District Attorney?”

Wolfe argued that this incident should be looked at in light of the recent actions taken by the Police Department against some officers for making statements on Facebook that the city deemed “racist.”  Internal Affairs investigated 343 officers for their social media activity.  So far, 193 officers have been punished including 15 that were either fired or forced to resign. The “investigation” continues.

“The city just investigated and punished hundreds of police officers for Facebook posts it considered offensive. Against this backdrop, Larry Krasner had fanned the flames by threatening to place some of those officers onto his ‘do not call’ list of police officers who are not called by the DA to testify on criminal cases.  To get involved in that investigation but take no action against Ms. Roh is hypocrisy,” said Wolfe. “What is Larry Krasner’s real agenda?”

Wolfe concluded by stating that the lack of action by Krasner is another slap in the face to Officer Faulkner’s widow Maureen Faulkner.  “Maureen Faulkner has been fighting for justice for her husband’s murderer for 38 years,” said Wolfe.  “Larry Krasner has lied to her, dropped the appeal in cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal’s case for killing her husband and now is not contesting Abu-Jamal’s appeal in Superior Court.  No one deserves this sort of treatment, but certainly not Maureen Faulkner.”

About Matt Wolfe: Matt Wolfe, a Philadelphia attorney, is a former Deputy Attorney General and was appointed by former Republican DA Ron Castille as a Special Assistant DA. He served in Governor Tom Ridge’s administration helping to grow Pennsylvania’s economy and attract new jobs. Matt is a graduate of Bishop McDevitt High School, Penn, and Villanova Law School.