Council at Large Candidate Matt Wolfe Calls for Proper Funding and Management of Philly Animal Shelter, ACCT

Council at Large Candidate Matt Wolfe Calls for Proper Funding and Management of Philly Animal Shelter, ACCT

Philadelphia, PA – Republican City Council at Large candidate Matt Wolfe criticized the Kenney Administration for the lack of funding and oversight management of the city’s animal shelter.  Philadelphia only has one open-intake animal shelter and contracts with Animal Care Control Team Philly (ACCT Philly), a nonprofit, to manage it. However, the Mayor appoints its Board of Directors.  The conditions at the shelter have been described by many as “deplorable.”  This year ACCT Philly even had to suspend dog adoptions and intakes due to infections and deaths of sick animals.  Last month the Executive Director abruptly resigned.  The City Controller’s Office has released a report detailing serious waste and mismanagement of both the funds provided by the city as well as charitable grants.

“The state of the city’s treatment of animals is inhumane and needs to change,” said Wolfe.  “Funding is one big issue, but not the full extent of the problem.  There is bad management of both the finances and the treatment of the animals.  In addition, the facility in which the shelter is housed is wholly inadequate.  It was never meant to be an animal shelter.”  Wolfe noted that compared with other cities Philadelphia’s funding of its animal control problems falls short.  One example presented by protestors at City Hall recently was Dallas, which takes in about as many animals as Philadelphia but whose budget is about double.

Wolfe feels that additional city funding is necessary.  “The city must prevent additional suffering by these dogs, cats and other animals,” said Wolfe.  “We cannot expect the state or federal governments to step in to handle this local problem and we cannot rely on charities.  This is a municipal responsibility and the Kenney administration and City Council are falling short.”  Wolfe pointed out that in addition to the issue of the humane treatment of animals the city’s failure to address the problems can create safety and health problems for our citizens.

ACCT Philly also relies on volunteers, raises money from donors and applies for grants to supplement the city funding.  At this point it is well known that ACCT Philly has mismanaged money, treated animals poorly and actually violated the terms of grants that it has received.  Wolfe asked “How can ACCT Philly expect to continue to raise money and solicit grants after the recent mismanagement?  Serious changes need to be made immediately.”

About Matt Wolfe: Matt Wolfe, a Philadelphia attorney, is a former Deputy Attorney General and was appointed by former Republican DA Ron Castille as a Special Assistant DA. He served in Governor Tom Ridge’s administration helping to grow Pennsylvania’s economy and attract new jobs. Matt is a graduate of Bishop McDevitt High School, Penn, and Villanova Law School.