City Council at Large Candidate Matt Wolfe Reiterates Support and Endorsement of  Pete Smith for City Council’s 6th District

City Council at Large Candidate Matt Wolfe Reiterates Support and Endorsement of Pete Smith for City Council’s 6th District

City Council at Large candidate Matt Wolfe reiterated his support and endorsement of Pete Smith for City Council in Philadelphia’s 6th District.  “I have been very supportive of Pete’s efforts since he announced,” said Wolfe.  “I worked to get him the signatures he needed to get on the ballot and I have supported his campaign both politically and financially as much as I can.  I am very glad to have a candidate the quality of Pete on the Republican ticket and on my team.”

Wolfe pointed out Pete Smith’s record of service to his community.  Pete grew up on Tacony, where he lives today, attending St. Leo’s and being part of Father Judge’s 1984 championship football team.  He went on to get a degree from Penn (like Wolfe – go Quakers!).  He’s done it all in Tacony, from serving as a little league coach, founding the Northeast Philly Block Captain Coalition and volunteering for school activities and community cleanups.  Most significantly, Pete was President of the Tacony Civic Association.  Under his leadership the association made many positive changes for the neighborhood, ranging from fighting for the community on zoning matters, working with the police on many safety issues and bringing summer festivals, concerts and other events to build community.  “Pete really changed things for the better in his community,” said Wolfe.  “Philadelphia needs to help him get to City Council where he can be an agent of change again where we really need it.”

Wolfe pointed out the importance of the race in changing the culture on City Council.  “Pete is running against Councilman Bobby Henon, who is facing a criminal trial after being indicted by the federal government,” said Wolfe.  “I urge Philadelphians to read the indictment.  It is not full of legalese but recounts many wiretapped conversations involving Henon demonstrating his immoral and criminal behavior.”  Henon is accused of getting the city to shut down the installation of diagnostic equipment at Children’s Hospital, depriving our children of the treatment that they needed, bribery, shaking down a Philadelphia business to hire favored contractors for work and supporting the Soda Tax not for any reason other than that Johnny Doc was mad at the Teamsters and he knew that it would cost them jobs. Wolfe further stated “Recently some of Henon’s co-defendants asked for a trial separate from Henon, with one attorney saying that some of the wiretapped conversations ‘shock the conscience and paint Mr. Henon as a corrupt tool of Mr. Dougherty.’  They go on to say that ‘the allegations imply a profound breach of public trust.’ Think about it.  The guys accused of looting Local 98 don’t want to be associated with Henon.  This really drives home why Philadelphia needs Pete Smith.”

Wolfe felt that even though he had been supportive of Pete Smith’s candidacy since Pete announced that he should make a statement at this time because it is apparent that some Republican officials are less than supportive.  “They are incredibly more beholden to what are literally the criminal elements of Philadelphia politics rather than its citizens,” said Wolfe.  “We need a change on City Council and Pete Smith needs to be a part of that.”  Wolfe has called for Henon to resign and for City Council to remove him from his position as Majority Leader and strip him of his committee assignments if he does not.  “It is instructive that Henon had no opponent in the Democratic primary and no sitting member of City Council has called for his resignation,” said Wolfe.  “Nothing changes if nothing changes.  The voters of the 6th District deserve a change and Pete Smith is the man to bring it to them.”

About Matt Wolfe: Matt Wolfe, a Philadelphia attorney, is a former Deputy Attorney General and was appointed by former Republican DA Ron Castille as a Special Assistant DA. He served in Governor Tom Ridge’s administration helping to grow Pennsylvania’s economy and attract new jobs. Matt is a graduate of Bishop McDevitt High School, Penn, and Villanova Law School.

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