Council Candidate Wolfe Blasts Kenney and Council for Using City Funds to Pay Lawyers of Illegal Aliens

Council Candidate Wolfe Blasts Kenney and Council for Using City Funds to Pay Lawyers of Illegal Aliens

Philadelphia, PA – City Council at Large candidate Matt Wolfe has condemned the allocation of city funds by City Council in the most recent budget to pay for lawyers for illegal aliens in immigration court.  Mayor Jim Kenney announced that the city was partnering with the Vera Institute for Justice to split the cost of this project.  The Vera Institute is a New York City based progressive advocacy group that was started as a project of Louis Schweitzer, a trustee of one of George Soros’ foundations.  Soros spent nearly $1.7 Million helping Larry Krasner get elected District Attorney.

“This is outrageous. Philadelphia’s murder rate is way up and the public education system is failing our children,” noted Wolfe.  “How can our City Council think that it was a good idea to allocate money in the budget to pay for lawyers for illegal aliens? The city has so many needs and to spend taxpayer dollars in this way is not only stupid, but offensive. If Mayor Kenney and others on Council want to provide free legal defense for illegal aliens, let it come out of their paycheck.”  Wolfe pointed out that illegal aliens generally do not have a right to court-appointed counsel in Immigration Court and funds for this have never been included in a city budget before.

In his remarks, Mayor Kenney attacked President Trump, who has stood firmly against sanctuary cities.  Kenney stated this will help Philadelphia “remain a place where everyone, including [illegal] immigrants, feels safe and welcome.”  He characterized Philadelphia as being a “fearless leader” in fighting federal immigration enforcement.

“I have opposed the city’s sanctuary city status since it was announced by Mayor Nutter,” stated Wolfe.  “Illegal aliens are rational.  If they know that the city will not cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) even if they commit crimes, they will be attracted here.  This puts our safety at risk and burdens our taxpayers with paying for services that they will need.  And now that they know they can have their legal bills paid by the city, even more will locate here.”

Wolfe pledged that he would fight to end Philadelphia’s status as a sanctuary city and to prioritize spending so that money is spent for safety and education first and not to support illegal aliens.

About Matt Wolfe: Matt Wolfe, a Philadelphia attorney, is a former Deputy Attorney General and was appointed by former Republican DA Ron Castille as a Special Assistant DA. He served in Governor Tom Ridge’s administration helping to grow Pennsylvania’s economy and attract new jobs. Matt is a graduate of Bishop McDevitt High School, Penn, and Villanova Law School.



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