Wolfe Announces Candidacy for At-Large Council Seat

Wolfe Announces Candidacy for At-Large Council Seat

This article was published by The Philadelphia Daily News on March 14, 2014. Click here to read the article on the publisher’s website.

BY JENNY DeHUFF, Daily News Staff Writer dehuffj@phillynews.com, 215-854-5218 POSTED: March 14, 2014

MATT WOLFE, a Republican ward leader in West Philadelphia, announced his candidacy yesterday for the at-large City Council seat vacated by Bill Green.

Wolfe made the announcement with about 100 supporters at the Millcreek Tavern in West Philly.

Wolfe, a lawyer, is seeking his party’s nomination for the special election May 20.

“Philadelphia’s government needs to change, and I would bring a different perspective to City Council than what’s there,” he said.

Wolfe has a long history of community involvement, including serving as director of the Spruce Hill Community Association, serving on the board of the Friends of Clark Park and the old West Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. He’s also been active with the Boy Scouts.

Among Wolfe’s biggest goals, he said, is to restructure the city’s tax policy.

“Let’s look at our tax structure: Even if we don’t lower our tax rates and do everything in a revenue-neutral way, we need to restructure our taxes, and City Council has no inclination to do that,” he said.

“Every time someone on City Council has a bright idea on how to spend your money, we can’t just enact it because it seems like a nice idea.

“Philadelphia needs to focus on core municipal responsibilities – public safety; public education; it may not be sexy, but sanitation; maintenance of our transportation and utility infrastructure. These are the things a municipal government needs to do and really, frankly, not a lot else.

“We need to spend more money on those, and that means we need to cut. Where do we cut? Pretty much anything that doesn’t fall into those categories should be on the chopping block.”

Wolfe would be up against the Democratic ward leaders’ pick, state Rep. Ed Neilson, nominated unanimously on Tuesday.